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Where To Buy Pre-hung Interior Doors

Home renovators know the impact interior doors have on a home. While we feel custom doors give the interior design more depth, we know pre-hung interior doors are convenient and often preferred to keep project costs lower.

Whether you’re looking to remodel a home or need to replace a damaged interior door, you’ll be wondering where to buy pre-hung interior doors. Any building supply store or lumber yard will likely have pre-hung doors on sale that fit your specs, however, you’ll pay less going through a reputable millwork shop. Additionally, millworkers will be able to answer questions regarding proper installation.

ATK specializes in creating custom doors that help home renovators make their vision a reality but we also offer pre-hung interior doors for ease of installation. Read on to learn more about the pre-hung doors available at our Lancaster County shop.

What Pre-hung Door Styles Are Available?

Pre-hung doors typically come attached to a frame with hinges and a cutout for the knob. You can find single or double pre-hung doors as well as French, Shaker Flat, Wood, Composite, Window, Windowless, Molded, Finished, or Unfinished.

How Much Do Pre-Hung Interior Doors Cost?

The cost of a pre-hung door will vary, depending on its size and features. Cost can range from $50 to thousands of dollars.

How Do You Install a Pre-hung Door?

There are various installation methods (and tricks of the trade) when it comes to pre-hung interior doors. They are heavier than slab doors, however, so it might require a two-man approach. Most pre-hung doors come with the frame and hinges attached and are simply inserted into a prepared doorway.

Following is a guide:

  1. Step: Make sure the sill and door jams are level (plumb)

  2. Step: Use a line laser to ensure the jamb is plumb.

  3. Step: Open and close to test, shimming as needed before nailing in the frame.

  4. Step: Trim shims.

  5. Step: Screw the frame/door in place once you have it leveled.

  6. Step: Install the handle.

  7. Step: Paint as desired.

Our trained staff can help answer any questions or concerns you have regarding the installation of a pre-hung door.

Should I Choose Custom Interior Doors Instead?

If you’re installing many interior doors, then pre-hung is the most cost-effective option and the best for quick turnaround. However, if you’re remodeling one room in a home and that project only requires one or two-door replacements, we recommend you go with a custom door. Quality and attention to detail go into all the custom wood doors we create. Typically, our custom doors take no more than 2 weeks to deliver.

Choosing a customer interior door will impact a home makeover much more than one that features pre-hung doors. If you’re looking for quality craftsmanship, we’re your answer. Give us a call and let’s talk about your latest remodeling project.


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