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Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes (Avoid These When Renovating)

A kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to greatly improve a property’s value but, perhaps more importantly, improve a homeowner’s quality of life. Kitchens are often the focal point of the home and remodeling a kitchen can make cooking and gathering a joyful part of life.

Advanced Trim and Kitchen helps home remodelers and contractors find the products they need to transform their kitchens, regardless of size.

While starting a home improvement project in the kitchen might seem like an easy endeavor, there are several mistakes that homeowners and contractors might make if they don’t take the time to thoroughly plan the renovation. Common kitchen remodeling mistakes include choosing form over function, assuming space will impede upgrades, and focusing only on kitchen cupboards and counters.

Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not Knowing Your Space: The main reason a kitchen remodel should be planned is that changes made in the wrong places could create problems for other space-related renovations or even for future owners of the home (negatively impacted resale value). The shape of the kitchen should relate to its intended function.

Kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, and flooring are the most important deciding factors when it comes to kitchen design, but even they can be rendered useless if they are in the wrong spot.

Homeowners tend to assume that renovations will be inexpensive because kitchens are small spaces. While this might seem logical at first glance, many fail to consider that altering a room’s layout will change the amount of space that is available.

Countertops, appliances, and cabinets take up precious inches, which means renovation efforts could be wasted if they are out of proportion to the rest of the room.

  • Choosing the Wrong Materials: Kitchen countertops are among the most prominent changes that people make when remodeling their kitchens, but it is important to note that some materials are better than others.

Marble countertops are popular for their beauty, but they are also extremely porous. Porous materials are unable to withstand heat and water, which means that they must be refinished every few years.

Granite is another option that some people prefer because of its toughness. However, it isn’t very versatile and can develop grooves over time.

  • Not Considering Small Upgrades: Many homeowners choose to refinish their entire kitchen cabinets, however, there are other options that may be more effective.

Contractors can help homeowners choose a different finish for the current cabinets. Painting kitchens cabinets can dramatically change the color scheme of the room, and custom millwork can greatly improve cabinetry.

Our wood molding and trim options enable homeowners and remodelers to repurpose and transform existing cabinetry. Custom molding adds a high-end look, immediately transforming existing cabinets.

Consider Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom casework can provide your kitchen cabinets with unique details. It can also custom-fit cabinetry to perfectly fit a kitchen space that isn’t a standard size.

ATK can provide designer elements that show you pay attention to the details. You’ll find everything you need to plan your kitchen makeover project, as well as inspiration, at our kitchen design center.

Need help with installation? We do cabinets, countertops, and other installs too.

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