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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

“EXCELLENT communication, response times, follow-through AND well-mannered”

…Just one of many positive reviews we’ve received for our kitchen & bathroom remodeling. Our professional staff of craftsmen help local home remodelers and contractors find the products they need to create a beautiful kitchen remodel or impressive bathroom renovation.

We work with remodeling contractors to help homeowners receive the kitchen or bathroom design they desire. Are you a homeowner seeking a remodeling company? We can help you find the right partner for your remodeling needs.

If you’re looking to upgrade a kitchen or bathroom – large or small, contemporary or traditional – ATK can provide designer elements that show you pay attention to the details. Your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project will be easily launched with just one inspirational visit to our design center, where you’ll find everything you need to plan your project. Need help with installation? We do cabinet, countertop, and other installs too!

We are a one-stop-shop with the ability to supply, deliver, and install the cabinetry and countertops for your kitchen or bathroom design or remodel.  We also have our mill shop with the ability to make custom pieces to match existing items/profiles in your home.

ATK is AWI certified and licensed in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Consider When Designing a Kitchen and/or Bathroom:

  • Budget

  • Lead-Time

  • Installation (When & If There is a Field Measurement to ensure all components of the project or renovations will fit and appear as intended)

  • Warranty (Timeframe & Whom to Contact Directly)

  • Delivery (Cost & Unload into Unit)


​If you need help with any of these considerations, our designers and professional sales staff are here for you. Contact us for more information.

Kitchen Design FAQs


With a kitchen remodel, you want to be sure you have sufficient storage and plenty of counter space. Carefully planned layouts and workflows are paramount to a great kitchen renovation or kitchen design project.

How do you plan a kitchen layout? With a professional designer, walk through the space and plot, first, the locations of the most important appliances, such as oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. Make sure these are easily accessible and have storage space nearby. Next, plan for comfortable seating. Generally, kitchen layouts are Galley, L, U, G (Peninsula), or Open.

Is a 10x12 kitchen small? We view the size of a project by the number of cabinets planned for the space. For instance, a small kitchen project may require 5-15 cabinets; a mid-size kitchen design may require 16-25 cabinets, and a large kitchen design may require 26 or more cabinets in the design.

How to design a small kitchen? The most important step in designing a small kitchen is to ensure your new space is a functional space and makes the most of the room layout. Small kitchen space never means you need to surrender great kitchen design. However, you don’t want too many cabinets or design elements so that the space appears even smaller. We have years of experience helping contractors make the most of a room’s floor plan, creating designs that supply adequate counter space, storage, and room to live while maintaining their beautiful aesthetic.

Browse our Design Center to view the beautiful kitchen remodeling options available and speak with our experienced staff You can view a sample of kitchen designs below:

Bathroom Design FAQs


One of the most common mistakes made in a bathroom remodeling project is to cut corners on key materials, especially on your most-used items such as the cabinets, sink casework, and hardware.

How do you plan a bathroom layout? First, what do you hope to see upon entering your bathroom? Next, determine how you will use the bathroom: will it be accessed by family, or will guests also need to access it? Will it function as an extension to your mudroom or laundry facilities? Is there a need for separate shower and bath areas? Choose your vanity size (duo, single, custom, etc.) and plan for adequate storage horizontally and vertically. Our design team has years of experience helping local contractors with bathroom renovations and remodeling. We can help!

What are trends in bathroom design? Unique surfaces play an increasingly important role in bathroom design. The range of surfaces that are appropriate and beautiful has greatly expanded. From porcelain to quartz to granite and beyond. The options for customizing your bathroom remodeling project are limitless as well, especially with ATK’s ability to provide countless options of cabinet and countertop selections, as well as millwork. Lighting choices no longer have the role of providing proper illumination for makeup and daily morning routines, but also have an important impact on the overall design.


Features to Consider for Both Kitchen and Bathroom Design:

  • Box construction type (particle board or plywood)

  • Door & drawer front styles (traditional, ornate, contemporary)

  • Hinges & drawer glides (soft close, overlay type, concealed, adjustable, etc.)

  • Species of wood type

  • Color (paint or stain)

  • Cabinet modifications

  • Accessories like roll-out trays, organizers, decorative panels, crown molding & trim pieces, feet/risers


We offer Architects, Builders, Discerning Homeowners, General Contractors, Interior Designers, Remodelers and Specifiers with those intrinsically inspirational kitchen and bathroom products and services. If your heirloom or furniture item isn’t any longer fit for fabrication and can’t be sourced, No Problem! Here at ATK, we can retrofit or customize it for your longer keepsake. Learn more. Learn more.

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