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When Remodeling a Bathroom, What Comes First?

If you’re hoping to renovate a bathroom, whether in your own home or as a contractor working in a client’s home, you want to pin down a few big decisions right off the bat.

So, when remodeling a bathroom, what comes first? Planning and budgeting. All the other decisions involved in a bathroom remodel should center around these two initial items.

Read further to learn what a bathroom remodel might entail overall and get suggested steps toward a smooth renovation.

Bathroom Remodeling Step-by-Step Guide

  1. List the features you want, the style or look you desire, the layout, and measurements.

  2. Determine the budget.

  3. Locate, measure, and mark where electrical wiring and plumbing pipes are located. Ensure your bathroom renovation design works with the existing utility access to save costs on replumbing or rewiring.

  4. Determine replacement items. Will you replace the shower/tub? Do you want a new sink, or will you just be changing the fixtures?

  5. How much storage and linen supply space are needed? Will you be painting existing cabinets, adding box construction cabinets, installing custom cabinetry, or considering semi-custom cabinets?

  6. Do you hope to replace the flooring?

  7. What lighting fixtures can enhance your bathroom design?

Many decisions need to be made yet taking your bathroom renovation one step at a time will make it feasible and can help you stay on budget.

The Design Team at Advanced Trim and Kitchen has years of experience helping local contractors with bathroom remodels and we also help homeowners get well-matched with contractors who can make their dream bathroom a reality.

Contact us for a free consultation so we can learn more about your bathroom remodeling project.

Things to Consider First in a Bathroom Remodel

Among the items listed above, a certain few deserve a considerable amount of thought because they will provide great opportunities for a high-end bathroom that remains on budget.

For instance, you could decide to keep your existing sink but upgrade it with a different countertop and more contemporary fixtures. ATK has an entire showroom of countertop selections and bathroom fixtures, along with designers ready to offer advice on how to best get the look you want.

Consider natural tile countertops, such as ceramic or porcelain. Slab granite and marble can be pricey but are virtually timeless and may end up saving you money in the long run. On the other hand, there are tile designs that mimic these materials and cost much less. If longevity isn’t the main focus, these budget-friendly countertop options might better suit your project needs.

Need inspiration for your bathroom renovation project? Come visit our Design Center and let’s start creating a look that fits your needs.

Bathroom Storage Design

Your bathroom cabinets are another item on the list that can provide you an opportunity to get a high-end, spa-like environment. You can choose standard cabinets for your bathroom, but custom cabinetry will instantly add value to the home and raise the level of beauty.

Moreover, the cost of custom cabinetry may not be inhibitive as it can vary according to design specifications. This type of casework lasts for years, too.

ATK craftsmen create all our wood cabinets that provide the beauty, strength, and stability of quality custom casework and can work with homeowners and contractors alike.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in a remodeling project is to cut corners on cabinetry such as a sink’s casework. Additionally, when you work with ATK you’re ensured proper cabinet installation.

We can also suggest cabinet modifications, species of wood, paint, and stain, and accessories like organizers and decorative panels.

Small Details in Bathroom Design

For your flooring, ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular flooring options for bathrooms. Luxury vinyl plank is another good choice for use in a bathroom and it can mimic the appearance of other, more costly, flooring options.

Finally, focus on the bathroom lighting. Are there areas where utilitarian lighting is needed as well as places where lighting can be more ornate and serve as a decorative element?

Recessed lighting may be impacted by cabinetry and/or the overall bathroom layout, so give careful thought to which type of lighting is needed and where.

Our Design Team is ready to help!

Contact us today to learn more about our bathroom design products and services.

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