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What Color to Paint Interior Doors and Trim?

Home renovators and home improvement contractors come to us for custom doors to replace existing doors that need an upgrade. While our custom doors provide the most distinctive improvement to interior doors, we also supply pre-hung doors for quick installation.

While we can’t evaluate all the finishing paints on the market, we can offer a few tips and suggestions. If you’re wondering what color to paint interior doors and trim, it will depend on door material, location in the home, your desired esthetic, and possibly the door and trim’s frequency of use or house traffic.

We suggest you meet with our Design Center staff to ensure you select quality doors, finishes, and trim. We can also help you to avoid any issues regarding warranty claims, especially on manufactured, pre-hung doors. For instance, Jeld-Wen interior slab doors require that steel and fiberglass door slabs be finished within 30 days of purchase and wood frames be finished in the same manner as the slab.

Does Trim Have to Match the Doors?

No. Trim does not have to match the color of your doors. The trim and baseboards in most homes are rather standard, but maybe there are features with your trim that are worth highlighting? Generally, though, we recommend you do match the paint color of your trim to the color of the doors.

Your personality should play a large role in the design of your home and its interior paint, so there are no set rules. If you wish to bring attention to your door frame, choose a trim paint color that is darker than the walls but not the same color as your door.

Keeping trim in its natural wood color, protected by polyurethane or stain, may prove to be the least demanding when it comes to maintenance.

Should Interior Doors Match Wall Paint Color?

If a door is in an odd location or you wish to create a seamless look in a room, then matching the door paint to the wall paint may work to your advantage. If you do plan to use a color other than white or eggshell for your doors, a good rule of thumb is to use white or eggshell for ceiling and trim or leave the trim in natural wood.

Keep in mind that interior doors exposed to direct sunlight should not be painted in dark colors as they will likely fade. The upkeep will be a nuisance. Choose a finishing coat that is resistant to water, wear, heat, chemicals, and liquids. Interior doors and trim in high traffic areas will degrade more quickly than in other areas of the home. This is one reason to consider keeping trim in its natural wood color, protected with a stain.

Should All Interior Doors Be the Same?

Again, there is no set rule when it comes to interior paint colors. However, we recommend you stay consistent with door and trim colors throughout your home for the sake of continuity. Our Design Center staff helps builders and homeowners turn their visions of bathroom design into reality,

What Are Popular Paint Colors for Interior Doors?

Neutral paint colors are the most popular for interior doors. Most people choose white, black, taupe, tan, gray, or beige for their inside doors. For instance, Sherwin-Williams recently named its Pure White the most popular neutral interior color of 2021.

Trim is typically white, off-white, or natural wood.

What Color Paint Is Used for Baseboards?

Traditionally, baseboards and trim match in paint color. Doing so helps your baseboard and trim blend into the design of a room. Using neutral colors for baseboards and trim places emphasis and focus on the wall color or wallpaper.

If you want to create a more unique appearance in your home’s interior, know that they are no rules. You can always repaint if you change your mind.

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