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Premade Stairs: Can You Buy Prefabricated Stairs and Should You?

Whether you’re a contractor working on a large project or an individual ready to update the look of your home, the stairs inside or outside of a home or building make an immediate impact.

If custom carpentry is not in your budget, you might be wondering: can you buy premade stairs? Yes, you can buy premade (prefabricated) stairs and if you’re trying to keep project costs to a minimum it is something you should consider. However, you can transform those prefabricated stairs and staircases using stair trim available through Advanced Trim and Kitchen, which will result in the look of custom stairs for much less.

You’ll enjoy the ease and efficiency of premade stairs while creating unique stairways for an upscale look without excessive costs. We stock an extensive supply of stair parts, including metal balusters as well as trims and parts for historical homes or contemporary designs.

Premade deck stairs, which can have a tremendous impact on curbside appeal, especially benefit from our trim enhancements.

Read further to learn more about premade stairs and the many ways ATK can partner with you to enhance the stairwell and prefabricated stairs in your project plan.

How Much Does a Prefab Staircase Cost?

A prefab staircase kit can cost $1,000-$6,000, depending on the materials used, the style of the prefab stairs, and the supplier you choose. This does not include the labor costs involved with installation at the job site. However, staircase kits can usually be easily installed by a homeowner in a single day using common household tools.

A modular pull-down staircase commonly used to access an attic space will be much less expensive than a spiral staircase, which is more elaborate (and among the top trending styles).

While a prefab staircase is an economical option when remodeling a home, the style will be minimal and could negatively impact the overall design of your home. Therefore, millwork should be considered when it comes to stair renovations and remodels.

Stair Renovations and Remodels

There are several parts of a staircase, which means you have several opportunities to add customized features to a prefabricated staircase using quality stair and rail products from ATK. For instance, consider adding decorative balusters, newel posts, or risers to enhance an otherwise plain set of stairs.

We have a large selection of prebuilt stairs and stair trim to help homeowners and remodelers create memorable, distinctive stairways. We can also help you enhance each stairwell, with decorative paneling, wainscoting, and other millwork.

Prefab Outdoor Stairs

Just as indoor premade stairs are available to contractors and homeowners, so too are prefab outdoor stairs, such as deck stairs or code-compliant access stairs for public buildings.

Prefabricated outdoor stairs can come as prefab straight stairs or as spiral stairs. They are a quick solution for projects that have tight timelines and budgets. But if you want the ease of prefab deck stairs that better suit a beautiful deck design, you’ll want to customize the look of the prefabricated outdoor stairs you purchase.

Whether the deck is wood, metal, or composite, ATK offers builders, homeowners, and remodelers the flexibility of custom millwork to transform premade, common deck stairs that help you create beautiful custom-look deck access.

We can design to your specifications and install it on-site. You’ll get a perfect fit and workmanship that’s beautiful.

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