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Can You Replace an Interior Door Without Replacing the Frame?

Maybe during a large home remodeling project, you want to replace your interior doors but don’t want to bother replacing their frames. After all, a door and its fixtures will show signs of aging from heavier use before its frame will.

Can you replace an interior door without replacing the frame? The short answer is, yes, you can switch out your old door while retaining the existing door frame. Door slabs do not come with hardware attached, so you can reuse your old door hardware or replace it with new hardware in the new slab.

While this might seem like the ideal solution to an interior door remodel, there are some nuances involved that might change your mind. Either method requires some carpentry skills. Read further to learn why replacing an interior door without replacing the frame might not be your best option.

New Interior Door, Old Door Frame

Replacing an interior door while keeping an old frame can be done easily if the existing door jamb and casing are square, with no warps or unseen damages. Also, you will need to make cutouts on your new door to accommodate the existing hinges on the remaining frame. The location of your doorknob and deadbolt will also need to align with notches on the existing frame. Find a door with the hardware on the same side as the door you are replacing, and you’ve eliminated some steps already.

How to Install Without Replacing the Door Frame

To do this, place the new door against the old one and scribe the locations of the old hinge plate, hinge pins, and lock fittings. Then transfer them to the new door. Cut the mortises for the hinges and attach the hinge plates to the new door. Lift the new door into position and slide the hinge pins into place.

Now scribe the latch side of the door. Lastly, drill the hole for the door lock and latch mechanism.

Always measure twice and cut one!

Hanging Pre-hung Doors

You may find it easier to replace the door and frame to ensure the entire unit is plumb, level, and square more easily. A pre-hung door comes set into a frame that “matches” the look of the door. They also can be customized.

You’ll find that installing a pre-hung door will be much faster. If you choose to install a slab door and make any measuring mistakes, you’ll have to patch the door.

If you truly want to ensure that your door and frame are going to result in a beautiful, error-free upgrade, contact a company that specializes in interior doors.

Custom Interior Doors

Custom doors are among the most impressive modifications in a home renovation project.

ATK specializes in creating custom doors that enhance existing spaces and can replace existing doors in need of an upgrade.

For home renovators wishing to uplift the look of a room, custom interior doors are one of the most effective ways to do so. Typically, our custom doors take no more than 2 weeks to deliver. Our design center in Kinzers, Pennsylvania, is a great place to start planning interior door upgrades. You can browse our inventory of door styles as well as accents, such as Schlage door locks and handles and other fixtures.

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